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The customs information of each country can be inquired by clicking the country name. The information comes from IAM.

Questions About Our Moving Services
What shall I do if my items are lost or damaged?

During packing job, we record every single item and mark the specific home position from each box while packing to ensure the arrival of each box at your destination home. If the items are unfortunately lost or damaged in transit, we will compensate in accordance with the indemnity clause agreed in the moving proposal. We strongly recommend to insure the moving shipment with apply the insurance coverage program to the qualified insurer for you. If there is any loss or damage to the items, our relocation consultant will assist you in settling your claims with the insurance company.

How to move the large items and valuables?

The large items and valuables will be protected by our most professional packing materials. We suggest you to take the valuables with yourself such as jewelry, cash, watches and so on. For such as the items e.g. bulky ceramics, LCD TV, stereo systems, mirrors, glass tops, fragile artworks and so on, we can make the special wooden crating for double reinforcement of them individually to ensure the safety during the transportation.

How long does the international move take?

The required time varies from different destinations. Generally it is in the range of four to eight weeks by sea freight, but sometimes affected by uncertain factors, which may take a longer time. If your goods are in a hurry to arrive at the destination, transit by air is the quickest way. It usually takes ten to fifteen days depends on different destinations.

What are the general modes of transportation for international move?

Sea freight, FCL (Full Container Load) - If there are many moving items with large volume such as furniture and bulk electrical appliances, it is more safer and convenient to use the FCL for transportation.

Sea freight, LCL (Less than Container Load) - If there are mainly small items with the total volume less than 10 cubic meters, it is more economical to choose LCL for transportation.

Air freight - If you want to have the items arrive at destination at an earliest time and the volume is not large, it is faster to choose air transportation.

Express delivery - If you only have a small amount of daily necessities and do not want to take them with yourself, you can choose express delivery, which is convenient and quick to send them directly to the destination.

Do I need to pack by myself?

We provide with our door-to-door moving service. Our most professional workers will pack your items with different materials according to different types. If you want to pack all or partially on your own, we provide a free door-to-door delivery of packing materials. However, we suggest that you can use our professional packing services to ensure that the goods can arrive at the destination safely.

How do I make an appointment for the relocation service?

You can make an appointment through our official website, E-mail, telephone and WeChat official account. After receiving your inquiry, we will reply to you and answer your questions immediately.

Copyright 2019 Copyright JSA MOVERS

Copyright 2019 Copyright JSA MOVERS